Wednesday, October 5

Microsoft Surface Duo has a cool trick the Galaxy Fold 2 should steal

I’m an Apple guy, but the Microsoft Surface Duo made me green with envy. Or at least one of its recently revealed features, leaked by a Twitter insider, made me wonder how Apple can figure out how to do something similar. And I bet Samsung Galaxy Fold owners would appreciate a similar feature.

Let’s say you are with some people and you are trying to focus on the task at hand. But you are still addicted to the funnel of news coming from your devices. That’s when a new “peak” feature comes in handy, showing just a bit of data, notifications, and the time, on the screen to the right.

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This new version of notifications, keeping them hidden until you look, could make a lot of sense and help free people from their addiction to the phone. Thanks to @ h0x0d from Twitter for filtering it.

With this feature, you can become more mindful and go about your day, as long as you open the Duo discreetly. Below you can see how the ‘look’ mode will also allow you to check an incoming call, which makes sense as there is no outside screen to alert you.

For those unfamiliar with Duo and wondering how Windows could do this, Microsoft’s foldable is actually an Android device. The foldable version of Android is now available to developers, and we’ve seen some great uses including easily multitasking and flipping apps from one screen to another.

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