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Maquis, available in Spanish this Thursday • Console and Dashboard

Melmac Games does not want to miss any moment of this newly released 2022. The Valencian publisher confirms what it will be like this Thursday, January 13, when Maquis reaches the stores, in its edition in Castilian.


Maquis is a board game designed to be enjoyed alone, with games of 20 to 30 minutes. It is signed by Jake Staines, who is also in charge of the illustrations, alongside Ilya Baranovsky.

Indicated from the age of 14, it will be launched in Spanish on January 13, the result of the collaboration between Melmac Games and Side Room Games. It will have a price of 31.95 euros.

As detailed by the Spanish publisher, this version corresponds to the second edition of the game. Regarding the first, it consists of new content in the form of missions, resources and additional action tiles. Combining strategy and worker placement, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a member of the Resistance.

The mission seems clear: to fight for freedom, trying to dismantle the Nazi occupation of France during World War II. Parallel to our cause, the government creates the Militia, a paramilitary unit in charge of controlling the population. Thus, he will be able to put an end to any dissension.

Against this background, we will place our agents in the different locations of the city. We will complete missions, going through the bombing of trains or the distribution of clandestine newspapers, without taking an eye off the soldiers who patrol the area.

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We must bear in mind that we will not see again those agents who do not return to the safe house at the end of the day. Victory comes by completing two missions, for which we will have fifteen days. If we run out of time or if the morale of the population drops to zero, the Resistance will have been crushed.


Maquis It is not the only game planned for this month with the seal of Melmac Games. It will be on January 20 when I return to the stores Black Sonata, along with its expansion The mysterious young man.

It is remembered how we are facing another solo challenge, set in Shakespeare’s London. Its expansion adds more deduction tasks, while the darker ladies replace the originals to add greater difficulty.

Somewhat later, it will be available Bullet. The publisher places it on January 27, although the date is not final. It could be delayed as Kickstarter campaign patrons should get the game sooner.

This is a board game inspired by shoot ’em up video games. We become heroines, using the powers to defend Earth from evil and other heroines.

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