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Leaked images seem to confirm that FromSoftware prepares new Armored Core | Levelup

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We are a few weeks away from the new FromSoftware game, THE FIRE RING, hit the market. However, this does not mean that this is the only thing the Japanese studio has in store. Clues emerged recently suggesting the studio is preparing for the return of Armored Core with a new game and images have just emerged that seem to confirm that the project is a reality.

Days ago, the ResetEra Liquorice user reported on the platform that he had received a survey in which FromSoftare would be revealing the existence of the new Armored Core in order to receive feedback on the project from a select group.

In the message, the user not only revealed what the game looked like and its style, but also reported various gameplay and story details, which were accompanied by screenshots and short videos of the title in action.

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New images seem to confirm existence again Armored Core

However, Liquorice had not shared the images or videos, as they were watermarked with the identifying information.

However, the user got down to work and after several days shared the first 16 images of the game, which accompanied the message and which reveal the wide environments in which the space adventure appears to take place.

According to the information, the title, true to the series, would have a third-person perspective; and the story would involve various entities (sects, governments, corporations, and mercenaries) in search of a very valuable resource. As for the gameplay, there would be long and short range battles with the help of mecha or robots that humans could man and modify to suit the user’s play style.

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In this page you can find the pictures. They are not of the best quality due to the watermark, but they do give an idea of ​​the visual section of the project.

In case you missed it: Armored Core It would not be the first mecha game that FromSoftware has worked on, in 2019 it released a new version of Wolf Metal Chaos XD.

So is it a fact that a Armore Core new is on the way?

The development of a new Armored Core It may come as a surprise to many, because they may not remember that FromSoftware in 2016 had confirmed that it was working on a new title in the mecha series, although not many details were offered.

In 2017 the studio celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series with just one theme for PlayStation 4. “There is nothing we can announce at the moment, but we do not plan to finish. [la franquicia Armored Core] so, but we would be happy if you could wait a little longer “, commented the member of the marketing department of the study Yasunori Ogura in 2017.

So it seems that the project has been developing slowly but surely, and the clues indicate that it would be a matter of time before FromSoftware talks about it.

It should also be said that the franchise Armored Core It is from FromSoftware, which is also in charge of development. The distribution of the different deliveries has been carried out by several companies, but the last one has been Bandai Namco Entertainment, given the good relationship that both Japanese companies have, it is likely that they will partner to publish the still unannounced game.

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It is important to mention that Miyazaki has been director only of Armored Core 4 in the series, so the return of the creative with a new game will be interesting.

What did you think of the images? Are you interested in a new Armored Core? Tell us in the comments.

You can find more news related to Armored Core if you visit this page.

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