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Griezmann, the great absentee to whom everything happens

He is a very important player for us, “he lamented. Simeone after the premiere cupbearer to refer to the injury of Griezmann that had just been produced before the Rayo Majadahonda. Minutes before he had drawn a goal, eighth of the year, which sums up the reasons why The cholo squeezed and squeezed to re-recruit him after two years of exile in the Only. In the end he arrived but on the way the little Prince He is living through everything to the point of now missing his first title on the way back.

Arrival with suspense …

Although the operation was conceived in July, with the finally frustrated barter for Shall, Antoine August 31 ended up arriving … with all the suspense in the world. Closed the assignment to Athletes it was essential that precisely iguez left the entity. Both operations were completed at 11:57 p.m., just three minutes before the market closed. The Frenchman, who was crazy to return, suffered the last hours seeing how his dreamed return could slip through his fingers. Finally, the operation was closed and his second rojiblanco era began … that no one could imagine was so convulsive.

Hostile welcome

He did imagine, in any case, that his return was not going to be easy. His stampede in 2019 marked him among a hobby that gave him a monumental whistle when they appeared before him. Port, at the premiere of the group of the Champions. With the passage of the games, and the arrival of the goals and his attitude on the grass, the majority of the fans were forgiving him seeing that the French had returned with the commitment that he has always shown.

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Red on her first big day

And among his goals stood out the double in the visit of the Liverpool to raise the 0-2 with which Klopp’s men had been above. He signed two goals, earned the definitive forgiveness of a supporter who even applauded him when he retired expelled. The red one prevented him, yes, from paying a visit to Anfield in another party than him athletic I missed. It was one of his first expulsions (in the athletic was already expelled on a visit to Girona) for a footballer who is characterized by his cleanliness in the game.

Those who do not usually get injured

If they have expelled him a few times less, he has still been injured. In fact, until this course, he has always been available to his coaches. Just two muscle injuries in Atltico and Bara (This is the most important). An impeccable story that began to change in the derby of the It’s gray. An entry from Carvajal to the ankle caused a movement that caused a muscle injury that had him out from December 12 to January 6, Reyes. Along the way, painful defeats in Seville and Granada and victory before him Vallecano Ray.

Controversial Holidays … and Covid

Koke and Griezmann’s vip area to watch the NFL: the food buffet is another level

While he was still convalescing from the injury to the It’s gray He went on Christmas holidays with Koke to United States. They went there to watch football and to see one of the NBA, passion of the striker, in the Madison from New York. A journey through USA which both tested positive for Covid (also Herrera, Joao Fix and Simeone), in another episode starring The little Prince since his return to the rojiblanca entity.

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Relapses raising controversy

Griezmann retired injured after playing twenty minutes

More controversial than the positive was the relapse on his return to football. I went out before him Rayo Majadahonda In the 55th minute, he left a home mark goal … and 20 minutes later he relapsed from the muscle injury that had already had him outside the team. A new ailment that bothered the entity and also the own Simeone, who spoke of concerns about injuries (and relapses) this season. Now, Griezmann He will spend another four weeks away, according to the medical services of the rojiblanca entity.

The first title is lost

A casualty that comes at the worst time. Just when the first title of the season arrives, in which there will not be a Griezmann to be the great absentee of the athletic in this Super Cup. It cannot be measured at Athletic in the semifinals, a match that to win those of the Cholo take them to play the grand final before Only, former team of Antoine, Y Real Madrid, the great rival. It will not be the only tournament that is lost, nor will it be in the duel against the Real society, set in which it was formed, in the eighths of the Copa del Rey, another goal of the rojiblancos this course.

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