Monday, December 5

Final Fantasy 16 delay has postponed another Square Enix PS5 announcement

When we reached the final stretch of 2021, Square Enix came to the fore to give us news about Final Fantasy 16 Or, rather, to tell us that in spring we will be able to know more about this new installment of one of the most important JRPG sagas in video game history.

The reason for not having more information for a few months was admitted by Square Enix itself, acknowledging that the development of the game had been delayed half a year but, what we did not know at that time is that this movement with Final Fantasy 16 was going to cover another ad for the Japanese company.

And, according to Jordan Middler, a journalist for VGX, Square Enix had planned to introduce a new exclusive video game for PlayStation 5 earlier this year., but the change in the roadmap of the next Final Fantasy would have caused postpone this new presentation so as not to overshadow the sixteenth numbered installment of one of his most important sagas. In addition, Middler also ensures that this new game that the Japanese studio wants to present is not related to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts The Dragon Quest.

Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix’s first big game for 2022

Before giving us more information about Final Fantasy 16 or to discover that mysterious new exclusive game for PS5, Square Enix has an appointment on March 3 with its fans since this will be the day it goes on sale Babylon’s Fall, a cooperative action role-playing game from PlatinumGames that has already reached its gold phase and that will be the first big launch of Square Enix for this 2022 that will be loaded with big names in the world of video games.

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You … What game do you think Square Enix may be “hiding”? Are you looking forward to spring to learn more about Final Fantasy 16?

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