Friday, September 30

ESRB Ratings Suggest Kirby Could Be Using A Weapon In Forgotten Land

Kirby holding a gun is an idea of ​​black humor and has become an online meme. If the ESRB rating is of any use, then Kirby may be wielding a gun in the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land video game. In the qualification summary of the ESRB website, Forgotten Land has received an E10 + rating for using “swords, bombs, and blaster-type weapons”. pistols to defeat the enemies. “

Kirby tends to use a variety of different weapons to fight enemies in the different games he appears in. Using unique weapons is nothing new to Kirby. He has previously used projectiles as bows and has even piloted robots and spaceships.

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Forgotten Kingdom wouldn’t even be Kirby’s first time wielding a weapon – the character can use Ray Gun in the Super Smash Bros. series. But the idea of ​​Kirby using a gun is just a funny image to many fans, mostly because of how innocent he is. Kirby.

Kirby and the Forgotten Kingdom seems to take place in a world closer to our reality, so it makes sense for Kirby to use weapons closer to what we use in real life. We just don’t expect the “gun” to look remotely similar to a real life gun.

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