Sunday, September 25

Doors of Insanity Abandons Early Access • Console and Dashboard

Doors of Insanity prepares to leave Early Access behind. OneShark and Neon Doctrine announce that the final version will be released on January 26 on PC. It will bring with it a new chest room and a new non-playable character.


The cards and chaos formula results in role playing, dungeon exploration, and deck building. We start from the creation of the character, in search of the best booties.

The result is an epic journey through purgatory, where you fight “twisted enemies”, as those responsible remember. The mission? Get to a more than deserved paradise. We will cast spells and equip ourselves with useful items, without forgetting about exploration or the help of allies.

As we progress, we will improve our character. We find more than 90 cards to use and collect and weapons such as a powerful sword or a strong hammer. Combos are part of the experience.

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