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Days Gone 2 was going to include these news, but the project was not approved | Levelup

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Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone and a former member of Bend Studio, has revealed in recent days details about his work at PlayStation, the sales of the title supposedly not recognized by Sony and the ideas they had for a possible sequel. Now, the creative revealed more about what was going to be Days Gone 2.

Thanks to various reports, we know that PlayStation did not approve the development of a second Deacon St. John adventure. This was due to the lukewarm reception that the first installment had in its original release for PlayStation 4.

Apparently, Bend Studio had serious plans for a second part, as Ross spoke about the approach that the game was going to take and the novelties that he planned to incorporate to take the franchise to a new level.

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Jeff Ross talks about the news he would have included Days Gone 2

During a recent interview, the creative stated that the sequel to Days Gone it would have been the opportunity to create the definitive version of the saga. So think about Days Gone 2 as an evolution with various adjustments and novelties.

The creative revealed that the title would have starred Deacon and Sarah, who would not have been happy despite being together. So the sequel probably would have explored more of the characters’ relationships and their futures.

Ross clarified that they also wanted to continue betting on the narrative and that they would have kept popular elements such as the motorcycle. They also planned to add other elements to make the gameplay more varied, such as Nero technology that would now be in the hands of Deacon.

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“We would have kept the narrative heavy and strong. We would have kept the motorcycle, obviously. And I think we would have broadened the tone a bit in a more technical direction, something like now we have all this NERO technology, what can we do with it? ”, Revealed the creative.

In addition, the former Bend member assured that for the sequel they planned to implement swimming mechanics and eliminate the number of stealth sequences.

Jeff Ross creates that Days Gone 2 I would have improved the saga a lot

The developer was again somewhat uncomfortable due to not having the opportunity to make the sequel a reality. From their point of view, it was somewhat unfair that they were not given the green light for the project, as a sequel is an opportunity to learn and further improve a formula.

The creative exemplified this by citing trilogies such as Uncharted, which improved little by little with each new installment until it reached what it is today, thanks to the fact that there was time to add certain elements and refine various mechanics.

“We have to be able to crawl before we can walk, and walk before we can run. I just see it as a trilogy. The first games –Batman: Arkham, the first Uncharted– are basic. They are a platform to build on for later titles. They didn’t start diving, they worked to get there, ”said Ross.

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Days Gone can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Look for more details about the game at this link.

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