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Cryptocurrency crime hit an all-time high in 2021

  • Thefts and scams moved $ 14 billion, a trend that is growing but well below the widespread adoption of virtual currencies

2021 will be marked in the history books as the year in which the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrencies. However, the growing popularity of these virtual currencies has also made more and more criminals use them to commit crimes. Thus, this type of robbery and scams moved a total of 14,000 million dollars in illicit transactions last year, a historical maximum that reveals a Chainanalysis platform report.

The main crimes committed last year with cryptocurrencies were scams, robo of funds and group financing terrorists. The 14,000 million registered dollars represent an increase of 79% in relation to 2020, when the volume was 7,800 million. The previous historical maximum occurred in 2019, when these crimes managed to extract up to 11,700 million.

Income from scams increased 82% to $ 7.8 billion. In many cases, these are projects that appear to be legitimate only to end up robbing investors. One of the best known was the cryptocurrency launched by strangers taking advantage of the worldwide success of the Korean series’The Squid Game‘, which managed to attract almost three million dollars in investments from people around the world and then disappear with that money under his arm.

On the other hand, the theft of cryptocurrencies shot up 516% in relation to 2020 and moved about 3,200 million dollars.

“The criminal abuse of cryptocurrencies creates huge impediments to its continued adoption, increases the likelihood that governments will impose restrictions and, worse, victimizes innocent people around the world & rdquor ;, reads the advance of this global report, which will be published in its entirety in February.

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Soaring popularity

However, the Chainanalysis study points out that the increase in crime with cryptocurrencies has been much lower when compared to the increasing use of these virtual assets. All transactions registered by this platform moved 15.8 billion dollars, which represents an increase of 567% compared to 2020.

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This major consolidation of the licit use of cryptocurrencies is what makes, seeing the image in general, the share of illicit activities represents only 0.15% of the total, the lowest registered to date. In the last four years this rate was 1.42%, 0.76%, 3.37% and 0.62% respectively.

Chainanalysis, a specialized company advising on Blockchain and the crypto world, specifies that this number of crimes and scams “is likely to increase & rdquor; as more illicit accounts are detected. Thus, his report does not offer an exact vision but an approximation to a crime that “is becoming an increasingly smaller part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem & rdquor ;.

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