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Bye! Announce the closure of Forza Street, mobile game | Levelup

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Ah, the games dependent on online support! As you know, its days are numbered from its launch and in the case of the mobile games sector it has to be something extraordinary to stay current and with support. Unfortunately, this is not the situation of Come on Street, a mobile proposal developed by Turn 10 Studios that was launched on iOS and Android in 2018 and will see its closure in a few months.

Come on Street he looked interesting but he couldn’t win over a large audience

Through a statement in the official site of Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 Studios reported that the cycle of Come on Street is coming to an end, spring 2022, as part of a process that began today, January 10. Based on information from the study, the latest update was released today for Come on Street, which brings several extras for users in order to finish in the best way:

  • A new car ever released
  • 12 weeks of Spotlight featuring rare and epic cars, starting January 17
  • Increase in the speed of energy recharging and increase in storage space
  • Reduction in waiting times at car presentations
  • Reduction in the price of most items

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That being said, Turn 10 Studios reported that Come on Street it will remain active until its closure in the spring of this year. In the same way, those users who have Gold in the game will be able to use it until before closing, in addition, as a courtesy, the study assured that it will reimburse purchases made in Come on Street During the last 30 days.

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Finally, Turn 10 pointed out that once the deadline hits, Come on Street It will no longer be playable on iOS or Android.

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