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Best Project Zomboid Traits: Which Positive And Negative Traits Should I Pick?

Intense zombie survival game zomboid project has seen a surge in popularity over the holiday season thanks to the release of the animation overhaul with Build 41, as if crawling through the most wonderful time of year under current circumstances wasn’t hard enough.

However, to make your task a little easier, you can count on the help of The best features of Project Zomboid when you create your character.

In its effort to create the most profound role-playing experience possible, Project Zomboid includes a dizzying array of both positive and negative traits. These can help you create an identifiable character who acts more like yourself, or you can choose a goodie bag of the best traits to gather all the more useful qualities you would need in a post-zombie survival situation.

Of course, Project Zomboid wouldn’t be a very good survival sandbox if there were only a few incredibly mastered traits, so some of these will come down to personal preference. However, we can at least give you an idea of ​​what might be useful during your adventure.

We’ll first look at how traits work and how the points assigned to them affect their usefulness, then we’ll go over the best traits in Project Zomboid.

How do the best traits work in Project Zomboid?

Traits can be used in different ways in Project Zomboid.

First, if you are very tough, you can use negative traits as an additional difficulty modifier, giving your character more obstacles to overcome in his effort to survive in a hostile world.

This is because You must have a positive balance of points to spend before you can start the game with your character

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So you can play a neutral character that has no positives or negatives, a character that only has negatives as a challenge, or you can try balancing the positives and negatives as a role play or as a strategy.

What are the best traits in Project Zomboid?

Positive traits

As you search for supplies and loot around the world, you will interact a lot with the items in your inventory. This cheap, quality-of-life-focused positive trait will quickly add to a lot of time saved in the long run, which you can then spend doing more useful things.

Similarly, in a game where you loot a lot, a big passive improvement in your chances of finding good things is a big win.

This is exactly what Lucky does, giving you a decent increase in the amount of rare loot you get from all sources.

  • fast learner – 6 points

One of the main things that will get you killed in a zombie survival situation is inexperience and a lack of preparation.

Despite being a great investment, Fast Learner gives you a huge head start for all experience gains outside of Physical Skills, Fitness, and Strength.

This gives him a more powerful character and therefore more likely to survive, much faster and therefore a great choice.

Wakeful is a really cheap and useful trait that gives your character more hours in the day to complete tasks, improve skills, or generally do cool things.

This also has the added benefit of helping you avoid drowsiness longer, so you don’t get stuck at a disadvantage in a difficult situation.

  • Athletic / Strong – 10 points

If you want to focus more on exploring during your early runs, consider making a big investment in Athletic or Strong.

Athletic increases your basic fitness and movement speed so you can duck and zigzag between zombies with ease.

While Strong increases your muscle capacity and melee damage.

If you are one of those who get in and out of situations as quickly as possible, choose Athletic. If you are one of those who stand up and fight, choose Strong.

Negative traits

  • Delicate stomach – 3 points

As long as you diligently stock up on food and stay away from rotten things, it’s very easy that you will never see the ill effects of Weak Stomach when you add it to your character.

Some traits in Project Zomboid cannot be chosen at the same time, however you can choose Underweight and Fit, which seem to cancel each other out.

However, under the hood, Underweight, which can be completely eliminated by increasing your weight up to 75, reduces your fitness by 1, while Fit increases your fitness by 2.

This means you can get an easy Fitness bonus until you can increase it even more by gaining weight again. Or you can just choose Low Weight as 6 points to spend elsewhere.

  • Over weight – 6 points

Similar to the previous feature, but from the other direction. If you’re happy to get hit at your movement speed, you can score 6 points for a debuff that can be removed later.

  • Slow healer – 6 points

If you’re careful, you should have enough hidden resources at your base to be able to sleep and recover from most injuries, even if you sustain them so frequently. The sheer amount of points you get for taking this trait are worth the extra rest time.

  • Prone to disease – 4 points

Colds and other illnesses can be avoided quite easily through normal play, so if you are suspicious of your surrounding conditions and play around with this trait, you will hardly ever find the negative effects.

Cigarettes abound and the points you get for taking this trait outweigh that extra thing to think about when looting. Smoke them if you have them.

  • Slow reader – 2 points

If you need a couple extra points to get to the top, Slow Reader is a minor quality of life nerf that doesn’t have too much of an impact on your character progression.

It also doesn’t stop you from taking Fast Learner, so you can still level up quickly despite the downside.

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