Friday, September 30

Ancelotti: “It’s going to be an even match”




Carlo Ancelottiappeared before the media this Tuesday at the King Fahd Stadium, the place where the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Real Madrid coach acknowledged having two doubts for the eleven to present in the Classic and stressed not to trust the supposed white superiority.

Nerves or fear before the Classic?

“I would be worried that the players think we are favorites, but they don’t. They think we have to do everything to win it.”

Praise and its adaptation

“I had no doubt and I think the couple with Militao is going very well for us”

The difference in LaLiga

“These matches are always even, no matter how much distance there is in the classification. How was the LaLiga match matched”

Do you like this Bara?

“I like it because it is a team that has an identity, in line with the usual Bara. I think it is a team that will improve with your contribution.”

Which Bara player do you like the most?

“It has veteran players like Busquets, Piqu or Alba, who always give a lot to the team. But the youngsters now stand out, like Gavi or Nico, who can have a great future.”

Is eleven clear?

“Carvajal is a doubt … The right wing too, if we put Rodrygo for Asensio, to put something fresher … They are the only doubts I have. The previous one is going to be important, we like to play this type of game”

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What if you win or lose. Failure?

“When you play a match you can win, draw or lose. The match chooses a winner. We have to play at the best level. We play against a team that is strong and has the same goal, which is to reach the final.”

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