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A youtuber designs an adapter for the DualSense that allows you to play with one hand

The youtuber Akaki Kuumeri ha creado an accessory for the PlayStation 5 controller that allows you to use the DualSense with one hand. The design was born as part of a competition of modding and will help people with mobility problems in one of the hands; Although it was originally intended to be used with the right hand, there are no problems adapting it to a left hand: “The DualSense is symmetrical, so to make the accessory for lefties you can print the mirrored parts,” says its author.

The accessory, created with a 3D printer, It has a somewhat cumbersome appearance but allows you to transfer movements from the pad to the left stick, while a kind of pedals activate the directions of the crosshead. Similarly, a piece places L1 and L2 close to R1 and R2 – or vice versa if necessary – so that the player can press several buttons if necessary, for example in a shooter where it is necessary to point and shoot.

The video is a demonstration and tutorial of the operation, and logically Kuumeri has made the files freely accessible for anyone to download the design and print it -or modify it if you wish-.

It is believed by thinking of It Takes Two

Kuumeri reveals that the design was originally thought so that one person could play It Takes Two -one controller in each hand-, an exclusively cooperative title, but of course It could be useful to any player who has trouble handling a pad with two hands.

As a curiosity, this youtuber is not the only one who has thought of solutions to enjoy It Takes Two In solitary. Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Smash Bros., posted on Twitter his efforts to play the award-winning Hazelight title without help from another person.

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