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1000 lb Sisters: Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Slaton’s Hobbies

Tammy Slaton is concerned about her weight loss journey on Sister Wives. In her spare time, Tammy is passionate about TikTok and arts and crafts.

Tammy Slaton’s life seems to be consumed by her weight loss journey, but fans are curious what the TV personality does in her spare time outside of 1000 pound sisters. While on the reality series, Tammy demonstrated many of the activities she has no affinity for, like going for a walk, but viewers are sure there is more to Tammy’s interests than meets the eye. From her social media activity to an unexpected passion for reading, these are all her hobbies. 1000 pound sisters fans believe Tammy will move on.

Since Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton, took on the daunting task of losing enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery in 1000 pound sisters Season 1, the couple’s lives have been centered on their diets and exercise regimes, at least they are supposed to be. Throughout her debut season on reality television, Amy maintained her healthier lifestyle, and at the end of season 1, Sister Slaton successfully underwent a life-changing weight loss operation. Unfortunately, Tammy didn’t make the same breakthroughs as her sister in Season 1. Even in 1000 pound sisters Season 3, Tammy’s days are still awash with doctor visits and family members suggesting new ways to exercise.

Throughout his career 1000 pound sistersTammy has spent a lot of time in her weight loss effort. Tammy has seen various surgeons, therapists, and even checked into rehab centers to regain her fitness. Although these attempts at weight loss have taken up much of Tammy’s time, viewers note that the reality star must also have a lot of free time on her hands. One of the reasons fans know that Amy and Tammy have a great deal of downtime is their lack of traditional racing. Tammy and Amy make most of their money working as reality stars, giving Tammy plenty of time to do whatever she wants while at home. An obvious passion of Tammy is being a social media influencer. Tammy has earned millions of likes on TikTok, where she regularly participates in viral challenges.

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However, aside from TikTok, it’s unclear what Tammy does with the time she doesn’t spend on her weight loss journey. TO Reddit user suggested that Tammy use her free time to Take some college classes online or learn to knit. Although fans are generally unsure what Tammy does to relax, one perceptive fan recalled that Tammy has a knack for arts and crafts. The viewer remembered, “I’ve seen [Tammy] do some crafts… I remember he gave one to Jerry ”. One surprising theory is that Tammy likes to read in her spare time. Tammy and Amy have confessed that they are not the smartest pair of sisters with books in the world, but a fan court, “[Tammy] She has an impressive vocabulary (unlike Amy), so I daresay she is a reader. “ Lastly, viewers think that talking to potential romantic partners on dating apps occupies the rest of Tammy’s interests.

Tammy’s well-being depends on her meeting her weight loss goals, but 1000 pound sisters fans are sure Sister Slaton cares about other things besides her diet. From crafting to going viral online, Tammy’s complicated personality is evident in her wide range of interests. Fans hope Tammy can conquer her weight loss aspirations on 1000 pound sisters and have more time to focus on your passions.

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