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This random answer decides the first semifinalist of the ‘Teachers Cup’ of ‘Pasapalabra’

‘Pass word’ turns 20 and to celebrate it has organized the ‘Teachers Cup’, in which eight contestants participate who have managed to win the jackpot of the contest that began to be broadcast in Antenna 3, then went to Telecinco and a little over a year and a half ago he returned to the Atresmedia.

The eight ‘teachers’ are Carlos Adn, who earned 318,000 euros in the year 2017; Mara Hernanz, 180,000 euros in 2010; Eduardo Benito, 2,190,000 euros in 2006; Antonio Ruiz, 1,164,000 euros in 2017; Susana Garca, 450,000 euros in 2015; Marta Sierra, 96,000 euros in 2007; Fran Gonzlez, 1,542,000 euros in 2019; Y Juanpe Gmez, 1,674,000 euros, in 2013.

Roberto Leal, presenter of ‘Pass word’, has explained the dynamics of ‘Teachers Cup’, in which the champion wins 50,000 euros. The eight ‘teachers’ will face each other in pairs of two and the winners of these four duels will qualify for the semifinals, from which the two finalists will come out.

Carlos Adn vs Mara Hernanz, first quarter-final match

Carlos Adn Y Mara Hernanz They have met in the first quarter-final match, which has been decided by the minimum and thanks to a volley response in ‘El Rosco’. The Madrid contestant has faced the decisive test with 27 seconds ahead of his opponent, since he has done it with 169 seconds for the 142 that his rival has had.

Carlos Adn has finished the first lap of ‘El Rosco’ with 19 hits, no errors and 41 seconds ahead, while Mara Hernanz He has done it with 20 correct answers, no mistakes and 25 seconds ahead. In the second round, and after passing twice, the 2010 jackpot winner accidentally guessed one more word.

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“Note placed in a writing calling attention to a doubtful or erroneous thing”, has been the statement that has read Roberto Leal corresponding to the letter ‘O’. “Observation”, has responded Mara Hernanz after shrugging and barely speaking. “Oysters”, has reacted the Madrilea, who has concluded ‘The Rosco’ with 21 hits and no mistakes.

Mara Hernanz, first semifinalist of the ‘Teachers Cup’

With 20 hits and 20 seconds ahead, Carlos Adn He has had no choice but to risk in search of the first place in the semifinals, but after hitting one more word and calling his opponent, he has made a mistake that has forced him to gamble with the three remaining sentences, but he has failed in all, with what Mara Hernanz has become the first semifinalist of the ‘Teachers Cup’ from ‘Pass word’.

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