Sunday, December 4

This is the new remake of Silent Hill created by a fan in Unreal Engine 5

2022 has just begun and arrives with more news on Silent Hill, the iconic saga of survival horror Konami who, at least for now, is reluctant to provide the new installment or the remake that most of its fans await like May water.

While the Japanese company decides to make official or deny the rumored new games of Silent Hill, fans keep creating tributes or remakes like the one we bring you in this news, a video recreation of the first game released for PSX made and Unreal Engine 5, the new graphics engine from Epic Games.

This work has been created by Codeless Studio He has recreated some of the game’s scenarios and also implemented some fairly basic gameplay mechanics to make the video, although he does not plan to make his project public which seems to be going to stay in a demo of what we could have with a remake modern of Silent Hill.

Kojima y su cacareado Silent Hill

At the moment, the Codeless Studio video is The closest we’ll get to seeing a Silent Hill remake in the short term, although there are several rumors that there are currently two installments of the saga in development, with one of them in charge of Hideo Kojima who will be developing a Silent Hill for Sony according to various sources, although there is nothing confirmed … for now.

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