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This is the Durcal GPS smartwatch

We are living in difficult times in which the health crisis keeps society as a whole in suspense. The family connection is forced to be less face-to-face, which is affecting, mainly, the elderly group, but also people of all ages who live alone, lovers of outdoor activity -who find themselves practically alone in exercises-, which implies safety risks in case of incidents.

Some solutions make it possible to reduce these risks, app Durcal mobile was developed by the Catalan entrepreneur Guillem Viladomat when he was certain that the options to take care of people who live alone or with very specific needs did not meet the real expectations that the family needs. This application connects people with their families and allows exhaustive monitoring of their day to day; as well as knowing the data of your physical activity (steps and type of activity, heart rate, hours of sleep or blood oxygen in future updates). It provides added values ​​and more functionality compared to traditional applications, and thanks to it it is possible to know daily and location data at all times. It is a free family platform that allows to check the health and safety status of certain pardons or children in real time remote.

The smart watch is here

To increase the functions of the application, it is complemented with a smart watch that is easy to use and that provides the advantage that all family members who download it (it is free) will be able to check where the family member who wears the watch is. , track your activity, check vital signs such as pulse, blood oxygen or body temperature or receive notifications when you arrive or leave a preset environment.

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The device is specially designed for people who live alone, the elderly and also children (although anyone can use it) and stands out for having a help button and an intelligent fall detection system that can be connected to an alarm receiving center or simply to the application. If a fall occurs, the watch automatically detects it and sends a warning to the family through the app and / or the security center. The international coverage The watch allows you to receive emergency calls and answer them without the need for a telephone thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker, either outside or inside the home.

Relevant characteristics

Connection with an alarm receiving center / mobile application

International mobile coverage

GPS location 24 hours a day

Intelligent fall detection

Measurement of vital signs

SIM included

Price modalities (if it is connected to a Movistar Prosegur alarm center). One year of free included protection

€ 190 / year in a single payment

€ 19 / month for 12 monthly payments

Featured values

It allows you to see in real time where the person wearing the watch is, and with a help button connected to the alarm receiving center, which the user can use in the event of an emergency situation.

Restlessness, stress and fear are the main emotions felt when not knowing where a relative is. According to a recent Durcal study, 86.8 percent of mothers and fathers become alert when they have not heard from their children for a long time. In this situation, for 98.5 percent of them it would be helpful to know their exact location: 80.8 percent would relax and 17.8 percent would lower their level of unease.

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Durcal’s new smartwatch, intended mainly for older people, children and adolescents, is included in the growing trend of the use of devices as a security element.

Related news

The device has a built-in GPS that works both inside and outside the home – by carrying an integrated SIM.

The device has a built-in fall detection system and measures vital signs such as pulse and blood oxygen.

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