Saturday, November 26

The winter signings of La Pizarra de Quintana

Tfed up audience rise in the last wave of the year 2021 of the EGM, with 36,000 more listeners and marking its historical maximum in the last three years, Radio MARCA wants to continue giving quality to its listeners. For this reason, La Pizarra de Quintana has gone out to the winter market to sign new additions for its Debate from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

There are four signings and the names are as follows: Miguel Ángel Román, Toni Padilla, Mario Cortegana and Albert Blaya.

The 4 new signings join a dream cast in the Debate de la Pizarra de Quintana such as: Santi Cañizares, Miguel Torres, Siro López, David Sánchez, Alberto Edjogo, Ramón Álvarez de Mon, Iñaki Angulo, Elias Israel, Ricardo Sierra, Emilio Contreras, Pepe Brasin, Francisco Cabezas, Rafa Sahuquillo, Alberto López Frau or Jimmy Mateos.

Miguel Angel Roman

One of the voices of Spanish football. Narrator in Movistar LaLiga and the Champions League, Miguel Ángel Román arrives at La Pizarra to give his vision of the football he watches and that counts every weekend.

Toni Padilla

Journalist and historian, Toni Padilla is one of the voices that knows the most about soccer in Spain. Currently, Head of Sports for the Ara newspaper, member of Panenka magazine, International Marker, Gol Televisión and Liga Tv. He returns to Radio MARCA where he already collaborated a few years ago. In addition, he is the author of books such as ‘Brazil 50’, ‘Atlas of a spherical passion’ and ‘Atlas of Olympic dreams’.

Mario Cortegana

Voice and pen that follows all the Real Madrid news. Recent signing of the MARCA World, Mario Cortegana is a specialist in everything that is cooked inside and outside the Santiago Bernabéu.

Albert Blaya

Influencer journalist on the news and analysis of FC Barcelona, ​​With his career on Twitter and Twitch, Albert Blaya has become one of the most recognized voices when it comes to explaining the reasons for everything that happens on the table when Barça plays to roll the ball.

The Slate of Quintana

La Pizarra de Quintana ‘is Radio MARCA’s afternoon program (16.00-19.00). Directed by Miguel Quintana and co-presented by Alex de Llano and Adrián Blanco, this program has space for the news of the day, seeking to understand and explain the reasons for each signing, match or movement around the League, the Champions League or the best international soccer.

In its first three months on the air, it has managed to place itself in the Top of the most listened to Podcasts in Spotify y Apple Podcasts, in addition to increase the audience in the last EGM.

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