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The Lone Wolf gamebook collection is back • Console and Board

Lonely wolf, gamebook collection, come back in a big way. Celaeno Books, responsible for this return, resort to Verkami to make it a reality. At the moment, it has raised more than 34,000 euros.


The great success of Lonely wolf at Verkami is a launch for February 2023. The price of the collection during the campaign is 75 euros (60 during the first hours), in a reward that includes five volumes, the unlocked extras and the shipping costs to Spain.

For 125 euros (100 euros for the fastest), they can be obtained in hardcover, through an exclusive format of the campaign. We find the possibility of acquiring the books separately or the volumes Advanced Choose Cthulhu: Escape de R’lyeh Y The Cobra Empire: Vendha.

The publisher’s goal is to publish the collection in Spain, which has never been fully enjoyed. We will put ourselves in the shoes of the Lone Wolf. We are before the last of the order of warrior monks of the Kai monastery, who will use their fighting skills to defend Magnamund from the invasion of the Hordes of Darkness.

For his part, in addition to gathering armies, he will have mysterious metaphysical disciplines, with their special powers. We will move through five adventures, corresponding to the Saga del Kai. However, the intention of Celaeno Books is to publish the 32 volumes that make up the series in Spanish.

The collection in Spanish corresponds to the Collector’s Edition. It consists of new adventures and sections and a revised and corrected wording and rules. It is completed with a cartography by Francesco Mattioli, with new combat statistics and a modernized layout. The paper will be resistant to multiple readings.

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Interior illustrations are by Richard Longmore, added to a compendium of classic Gary Chalk illustrations. The covers will be the work of Alberto Dal Lago (at the end of the book, the original Gary Chalk covers will appear, unpublished in Spain).

Following the essence of the gamebooks, the reader will have the responsibility to make decisions, with its ramifications and access to different endings. Be part of a campaign in time, with an experience and knowledge exported from one book to another.

Work of Joe Dever (continued by his son Ben Dever), it has the awards for Best Gamebook of the Year in 1985, 1986 and 1987. Already in 1991 it would obtain recognition for the Best Gamebook Series in History. In 2019, it won, again, the award for Best Gamebook of the Year.

As a curiosity, Lonely wolf encompasses more than gamebooks. It already has board games, role-playing games, video games and novels. There is an interactive television series on the way, with which to appeal to old and new generations.

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