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Take-Two buys Zynga for $ 12.7 MMDD to bring its IPs to mobiles | Levelup

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Zynga is one of the industry’s biggest names in mobile games. So it is not uncommon to know that another video game giant has set its sights on the company, its developers and the reach that some of its franchises have had.

We tell you this since Take-Two, owners of Rockstar and 2K Games, announced this morning the purchase of Zynga for a millionaire sum. With this, the acquisition season of 2022 begins, a year that started with one of the largest purchases in the industry in recent years.

The studios will come together to create one of the biggest entertainment offerings that is looking to generate millions in the next few years. One of the goals is for Zynga to collaborate to bring Take-Two’s most popular franchises to mobile devices.

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Take-Two to buy Zynga in one of the largest deals in the industry

Through a statement, Take-Two reported that thanks to an agreement, it will become the owner of all Zynga shares. This will be possible in exchange for $ 12.7 MMDD, a record figure for recent purchases that have been carried out in the video game industry.

With this, Take-Two now happens to be one of the largest creators and distributors of games for mobile devices. Franchises like FarmVille, CSR Racing, Empires & Puzzles, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells and more will now pass into the hands of the owners of Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, among other important sagas.

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The agreement will make possible the unification of products and intellectual properties. Zynga will benefit from the full support of the company for the development of new games. One of the goals is to bring Take-Two franchises to mobile devices.

“Take-Two has an extensive catalog of commercially and critically successful PC and console titles with committed and loyal gaming communities, and there is significant opportunity to create mobile games and new cross-platform experiences for many of these properties. Zynga’s nearly 3,000 employees include highly talented mobile developers, removing obstacles in the way for Take-Two to accelerate this strategic initiative, ”the studio said in the statement.

Frank Gibeau and Bernard Kim, members of the Zynga management team, will now lead the strategy for Take-Two’s growth in the mobile market and will oversee the integration of Zynga and T2 Mobile Games Business.

To put this acquisition in perspective, it is worth remembering that Microsoft acquired ZeniMax in exchange for $ 7.5 MMDD, while Tencent took control of Supercell for $ 10.2 MMDD. For its part, Activision acquired King for $ 5.9 MMDD. Thus, the agreement between Take-Two and Zynga is one of the largest in the modern history of the industry.

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Look at this link for all the news related to Zynga. On the other hand, here you will find more information about Take-Two and their upcoming projects.

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