Tuesday, October 4

Steam breaks its record of simultaneous users with 28 million players

Steam has reached a new record of simultaneous players on the Valve platform yesterday, June 9. It has exceeded 28 million users, one more than the 27 million achieved last November. January is traditionally a good month to raise the bar, and analyst Daniel Ahmad notes that the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact in accelerating Steam’s success, but growth has been steady.

The numbers of simultaneous players in past years are as follows:

  • January 2019: 17.6 million
  • January 2020: 18.3 million
  • January 2021: 25.4 million
  • January 2022: 28.2 million

As to the most played titles last January 9 we find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a peak of 881,051 players followed by another Valve game, DOTA 2, with 748,270 players. Then appear PUBG (351.766), Apex Legends (237.441), Grand Theft Auto V (152,326) and after them Rust, New World, ARK, Football Manager 2022 and another fireproof classic from Valve, Team Fortress 2.

In the first days of the year many players have more free time and they can also try those games they have received as gifts, or their last purchases in the winter sales. To this must be added the threat of Omicron, the variant of COVID-19 that is holding back other forms of entertainment.

Elden Ring will probably boost the number of users again

Elden Ring It is the most anticipated game on Steam and its launch is very close, on February 25, so it is possible that the number of players will experience another spike with its launch: More than 273,000 players have added FromSoftware’s new action RPG to their wish list.


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