Monday, December 5

Stage 8 of the Dakar Rally, live

Stage 8 of the 2022 Dakar Rally. Lots of dunes and sailing to jump-start the race. Al-Attiyah, in cars, and Van Beveren, in motorcycles, lead.

6:10: The leader, worse than Barreda

Well, only Brabec has been able to with Joan, for now. Neither Price nor the new leader. Van Beveren passes the 43rd km 41 seconds behind Ricky and, therefore, 37 behind the Spaniard. The good speed of the one from Torreblanca is confirmed

6:03: Walkner and Sunderland must attack

KTM / GasGas needs to react. Yesterday was very bad. They lost Sanders and the lead. The Austrian and the British gave up a long time, but they are in the fight. Today they left far behind and with options to go back following lines. Price didn’t finish either and it’s a bit far. Luciano Benavides, without options

5:58: Brabec beats Barreda, but just barely

Only 4 seconds the American puts Joan in the first point, the one at km 43. It’s a good sign

5:50: Santolino begins calmly

Lorenzo leaves 1:06 with Barreda at km 43. His Sherco does not allow him to be very explosive, so he plays other tricks such as perseverance

5:48: Gas for Luciano Benavides

So it came out. His first set is not good: 1:15 from Barreda

5:46: Barreda starts well

First references, at km 43, and they are good for Joan. He gets first -although there are many to go- and he puts 8 seconds on Cornejo and 54 on Kevin Benavides, who started only regular

5:39: Seven drivers in eight minutes

This is the general motorcycle race, with many with options. Beautiful end of raid. It will be by elimination. Watch out today for the KTM attack

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5:34: Branch no sale

Ross had already quit, officially, with a concussion, but re-engaged. However, today he has already chosen not to leave. One less asset at Yamaha to help Van Beveren

5:32: Waving

Javi or Sara, among them

5:28 am: Santolino leaves

Lorenzo has consolidated. It is no longer a surprise that it makes spectacular stages. He goes with his great rhythm and resists. Opt for the podium.

5:24: Mist and cold

Thus begins the day in Saudi Arabia

5:19: Sale Barreda

Joan gave a lesson in honor … and quality yesterday. He was third on the special with his left clavicle fracture. He is still in pain, but he resists. His morale, yes, went up

5:14: The bikes start

Nacho Cornejo opens track. The Chilean won yesterday and even re-engaged for the fight in a changing general that Van Beveren now leads. Without Sanders, everything is more open

Welcome to the stage 8 of the 2022 Dakar Rally. It joins Al Dawadimi with Wadi Ad Dawasir (where tomorrow’s stage will also finish), with 394 timed kilometers, on a route that will reach the southernmost point of the country that will touch the Dakar 2022. It will be one of the most interesting stages of the Dakar because the drivers will face the longest stretch of dunes of the entire rally. No less than 25% of the total route will be between mountains of sand. Almost 200 kilometers of sand to start and a final section with a different landscape. The predominant terrain will be land, although the dunes will be 25% of the total. There will also be sandy tracks. In cars, Nasser Al-Attiyah has controlled the raid. Above, his rival, Loeb, open track. On motorcycles, everything is very open. Leads Van Beveren and be the spearhead Cornejo.

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