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SEGA confirms the dubbing and subtitles that will include Sonic Frontiers | Levelup

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News comes to us that will surely put all fans of the blue hedgehog on alert, since SEGA has just made official the dubbing and subtitles that it will include Sonic Frontiers, and everything indicates that only Spanish from Spain will be included.

We already know the languages ​​that Sonic will speak in his new adventure

Sonic Frontiers is SEGA’s next big bet to return his iconic character to the top. This new installment is planned to be launched sometime in 2022 and we know more and more about its details.

Due to this, the number of official dubbing that the title will include has just been made public, where English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish stand out. Here you can see it:

However, and despite the fact that Spanish is included in the game, fans are beginning to worry because it is not specified if Latin American Spanish will also be part of the options.

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It is worth mentioning that for a few days there has been a campaign on social networks where fans of the saga in our territory ask that the Spanish they speak be added, so we will have to wait to know if SEGA decides to listen to them or not.

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Do you think Latin American Spanish is included in Sonic Frontiers? Tell us in the comments.

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