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Rust, popular among streamers, sells more than 12 million copies

Rust makes headlines again with another hit story: The survival MMO has reached a new sales milestone, registering more than 12 million copies sold. This data comes to us just when a second season of Egoland, the popular server that last year also brought together some of the most famous names on the Spanish streamer scene. In fact, this 2021 that we have left behind was a very special moment for the game: it broke audience records on Twitch and users on Steam.

Rust reaches 12 million copies sold

The developers of Facepunch Studios, creators of Rust, have wanted to share the sales information as part of a statement where they assess the performance of the game during the previous 12 months. “2021 was an exceptional year for Rust in almost all respects, after 8 years of continuous development … Rust it has gone from strength to strength“They write. In fact, last year it also debuted on PS4 and Xbox One thanks to its Console Edition, which was released in both physical and digital formats.

In 2021 Rust jumped up on Twitch, witnessed a record number of players, threw Voice Props DLC Pack, we renew the world, missions, freight trains, underwater laboratories, gestures, submarines, MLRS and much more “, they detail. Voice Props DLC Pack was one of the most popular content, by the way: it offers players support for the microphone and even a megaphone so that we can talk from greater distances with other users, among other things.

“Rust has gone from strength to strength”

The development studio ends its release by looking to the future of the game in terms of content. For example, On the first Thursday of every month we will receive updates along with “holiday events” and title status reviews. In the case of February, we will have quality of life improvements and they are working on what appears to be “an arctic monument.” In this sense, they note: “In addition to the new monuments, this year you can expect to see new weapons, deployable items, events, vehicles, animals and many more“.

We remind you that Rust It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To make this adventure easier for you, we invite you to read our guide tips and tricks to help you become the best survivor. “Challenging survival and crafting proposal”, we wrote in our analysis.

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