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Rust breaks it on Twitch thanks to Rubius, Auronplay, Ibai, TheGrefg and more streamers | Levelup

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Today more than ever, it is impossible to deny the importance of influencers in the video game industry. In recent years we have seen moderately popular titles rise to the top thanks to live streams and videos from multiple content creators. Now, Rust, the survival title, achieved another surge in popularity due to the efforts of a group of Spanish-speaking streamers.

At the end of December, the popular Spanish youtuber Alexby11 announced the second edition of EGOLAND, a large-scale event where 86 content creators will meet on a server of Rust and they will try to get all the necessary resources to survive.

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Thanks to the participation of high-profile streamers such as Rubius, Ibai Llanos, Auonplay, Alexelcapo, Staxx and TheGrefg, the event managed to attract the attention of thousands of people. Unsurprisingly, the survival video game’s popularity exploded once EGOLAND 2 kicked off last week.

Rust is a hit on Twitch thanks to EGOLAND 2, the event organized by streamers

On Friday, January 7, the second edition of EGOLAND officially started. Thousands of people raced to Twitch to watch their favorite streamers trolling the other contestants as they tried to survive, causing them to Rust managed to become the most popular category on the platform with an impressive peak of 914,437 simultaneous viewers.

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The following days of activity were also extremely successful, although they were slightly below what was achieved in the debut of EGOLAND 2. However, the survival video game remains one of the most viewed categories on Twitch. At the time of this writing, there are 581,296 concurrent viewers, allowing it to outperform very successful titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite Y Grand Theft Auto V.

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It is worth noting that a similar phenomenon was experienced during January 2021, the date on which the first edition of EGOLAND began.

But tell us, are you a fan of EGOLAND? Which team do you support? Let us read you in the comments.

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