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RUMOR: Age of Empires IV could be on its way to Xbox | Levelup

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After many years, 2021 saw the launch of Age of Empires IV, new installment of the legendary RTS franchise that marked an era in PC gaming. The results after its launch have been good, the fans were satisfied with what was achieved by Relic Entertainment and Microsoft but apparently the game will not remain in the sphere of PC Gaming.

The new Age of Empires on Xbox? It’s a posibility

Age of Empires IV could be close to Xbox according to information shared by a Twitter user who noted that within the Xbox Insider program update the following code appears “XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022”. According to the antecedent that is had by Microsoft itself, “CAR” could refer to “CARDINAL”, the code name that the project had Age of Empires IV before being revealed to the public.

While there is nothing official from Microsoft or Xbox, it would not be strange if a version of Age of Empires IV for the company’s consoles, after all its current strategy refers to a shared gaming environment in which users are not left out for hardware reasons. It is also worth remembering that Xbox and Microsoft have already done the same with Flight Simulator and also that it is possible to connect a mouse and keyboard to Xbox consoles, so there would be options to play with control and also with PC devices.

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Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to Age of Empires IVas well as our written review.

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Video: Age of Empires IV – Gameplay Trailer


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