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Quantic Dream would be developing a ‘humorous’ game apart from Star Wars Eclipse

Maybe Star Wars Eclipse, the new game located in a very distant galaxy in the era of the High Republic, has been the game that right now has all the eyes of Quantic Dream. But that does not mean that it is the only thing the Parisians are working on: rumors suggest that there is also a second parallel project underway, also triple A and loaded with humor. People say that will be based on The Dark Sorcerer, a demo that the studio presented at E3 2013 where we were introduced to a dark sorcerer.

Quantic Dream will be shaping a second project

The information comes from the Twitter user @AccNgT, and your words are taken into account thanks to sharing screenshots of Star Wars Eclipse days before the game was officially unveiled during The Game Awards. That said, he points out that the second game is being developed by the main Quantic Dream team in Paris And it’s being shaped at the same time they are working on the Star Wars title.

The story comes from the hand of the own David Cage, and will take the players to an environment of medieval fantasy. The concept of the game is based on “narrative interactivity”, while the development of the adventure will be carried out in a non-linear way. It seems that humor will also be one of the main ingredients of the project, relying on the world presented in the demo of The Dark Sorcerer.

A humorous story, signed by David Cage, that will take us to a world of medieval fantasy

In the most technical aspect, it seems that this is a game of cross generation although this could be subject to change depending on which strategy is the most convenient. It will also be available on PC. However, while the title is more advanced than Star Wars Eclipse… the insider points out that Quantic Dream Paris is having a hard time hiring staff (something they are also grappling with to Star Wars Eclipse).

Talking about The Dark Sorcerer, the 12-minute demo showed us a dark, fearsome and powerful sorcerer, who was preparing what appeared to be a ritual … before it was revealed that, in fact, he was on a film set where things did not they were marching as they should. It seems that the supposed game would follow this humorous robe, so we’re already looking forward to knowing where this is all going. For now, and as always, we will have to wait for official sources to share more information.

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