Saturday, December 3

Pokémon Legends: Arceus prepares his arrival with a new video • Console and Dashboard

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is, for many, the game of the most transgressive saga of recent times. It is not surprising that, every two by three, Nintendo shares new videos that commemorate its launch, such as the last one published.


On January 28, this title will be available on Nintendo Switch, being compatible with the original console, with Nintendo Switch Lite and with Nintendo Switch Model OLED. It will be released in both physical and digital formats.

The new trailer starts with a visit to an antique store, where we see a peculiar Poké Ball and a map, capable of transporting us to Hisui. What would later be known as the Sinnoh region will allow us to shape the first Pokédex.

It will be a trip to the past, combining action and role, in a time when it was not usual for humans and pocket monsters to coexist in harmony. In the middle of its natural landscapes, we will come across familiar and new faces. Through the Nintendo website, we see some of the forms of Hisui.

Hisui’s Braviary will be Psychic and Flying-type, while Hisui’s Growlithe will combine Rock and Fire. Hisui’s Zorua will be Normal and Ghost, just like Hisui’s Zoroark. A precious Hisui Voltorb stands out, which seems to be created with wood. Its types will be Electric and Plant.

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