Sunday, November 27

Paladins is crossing paths with Rambo

A Paladins character is getting an interesting new skin for his upcoming fifth season based on the popular action movie Rambo.

PaladinsThe team hero shooter game that has wowed gamers with its colorful cast and fast-paced gameplay, will add a new face. Paladins Players will be able to choose a skin for the hero Viktor, featuring the Rambo movie character from the series with the same name.

For the next season of PaladinsDeveloper Hi-Rez Studios has announced via a YouTube trailer that a Rambo skin for Viktor will be available starting next month. The trailer released by Hi-Rez Studios shows Viktor fleeing combat, before Rambo approaches him and Rambo offers words of support. The rest of the trailer shows the skin in action.

The thirty-second trailer Hi-Rez Studios released for the crossover only shows brief clips of the mask in action. While the trailer doesn’t explicitly state that it will only hit Amazon / Twitch Prime, that’s where Paladins Players will be able to collect the skin for free as long as they have a Prime membership. Cross-play compatibility will also mean more exposure for the skin.

Hi-Rez Studios further clarified the Prime Gaming giveaway in a tweet, as well as a post on their Facebook page. The skin will also be Paladins‘first drop of the year through Prime membership.

The iconic movie hero is a good fit for a shooter, and this isn’t even the first time Rambo has made a crossover for a shooter. Paladins are looking for ways to keep their player base afloat and team up with Rambo It looks like it will be fun for players who enjoy playing Viktor. Viktor is armed with an assault rifle, and Rambo’s skin will also use a standard assault rifle. Some fans in the comment section of the reveal trailer on YouTube have expressed disappointment that Viktor won’t be using a light machine gun, which is Rambo’s classic weapon or at least the one most people will think of when they think about it. the action hero’s weapon of choice.

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While it is not sure if the addition of Rambo will be of any help to Paladins taken as a whole, it should definitely help get more eyes on the game and may convince some older players to come back and give the look a try. After all, the skin will be free to any player with a Prime membership, so there is no reason not to try the skin in action if someone is interested in giving the game a try.

Paladins It can be played for free on Nintendo Switch, PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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