Saturday, November 26

Obama no usa un Zune

Neal Santos of the Philadelphia City Paper was working out in the gym Tuesday morning when (to your delight) Barack Obama walked in and, wait, he jumped into the machine right next to yours. His blog post details how Obama saw Obama on CNN and how he perspired while on the machine (surprise), however one detail that caught readers’ attention was that Santos reported that Obama was listening to his Zune.

We’ve known for months that Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates use Macs and iPods. For months we’ve heard Apple fans parade over the fact that these two men use Macs and iPods, but for one day this week, Probama Apple fans saw red. Seriously. The Guardian reports that a commenter on Engadget even demanded his vote back.

The Zune is a minor detail in Santos’s bedazzled blog post, you probably weren’t expecting it to become the storm in a cup of tea you made. Posted a to update clarifying that he was sure that he saw Obama take out an MP3 player with his left hand and that he was only sure that it was a Zune, however, he was not sure that the Zune belonged to Obama. He also covered all his bases by saying that it might not have been a Zune at all.

“It had a dark case to protect it, and from what I saw, it was using a Zune. I’ve seen a Zune in action. I know what it looks like. But no matter how safe you are, there will always be the possibility that you use some other device.

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While it is a bit interesting, we did not think it was news. That was until an Obama spokesperson felt the need to set the record straight, telling the world that Obama was an iPod user. Is it really that bad to be associated with a Zune? Wow. In other news, there is still a war.

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