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Nintendo Switch OLED: They test your screen with almost 2000 hours of a still image

Nintendo Switch OLED launched last October. The review provides several new features compared to previous models, such as the Ethernet port, improvement in sound and especially the screen, which is what gives its name to the model with a 7-inch OLED capacitive touch screen. However, although OLED technology has undoubted advantages over the LCD screens of other Switches thanks to purer colors, better contrast and illumination, it is also a technology with weak points in terms of quality degradation and the danger of burn-in on the screen. image. A youtuber has shown that With almost 2000 hours of gameplay there is no danger to the Nintendo Switch OLED screen.

Detractors of OLED displays criticize the limited life of their organic materials, although manufacturers struggle to solve this problem and over the years the results have improved. The youtuber Wulff Den has done an experiment with his OLED model and has left it with a fixed screen of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for more than 1800 hours to see if a loss in color or gloss was really noticeable, and at least this test should reassure console users.

Degradation is hardly noticeable after almost 2000 hours

“There are no differences in the colors that I have tested,” says the author of the experiment. “You can see that there are no visible burn marks after being on for almost 2000 hours. The only difference you might notice is the white in the sanctuary which is a bit dimmer and the bluish-white has a slight green tint. burned in the OLED of your Switch to play 2000 hours you should relax, I do not think there is danger in practice “and believe only in 10 years we could begin to see more serious defects. Remember that your test put the screen to extreme strain and that under normal conditions, no player will have a fixed image for so many hours.

In our first impressions with the console we told you that “what is clear is that the games look luxurious in this new revision and that there is a real and tangible difference in the image quality that is obtained when playing on laptop, something of what many titles benefit and what makes the Nintendo Switch OLED the best version of the console that can currently be found on the market“.

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