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Love Island USA: Cashay and Cinco update fans with a new look together

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland update fans of Love Island USA with a new photo together. Catch up on this fan favorite couple from Love Island USA.

Cinco Holland Jr. and Cashay Proudfoot updated their Island of love, united states of america season 3 sharing a new image together on social media. After a very strong start in Love island, Cash and Cinco bonded right away and quickly began working on their relationship. However, Trina Njoroge realized that she had feelings for Five and told Cashay that she would like to see where things could go between them. Five eventually remarried Trina, but their relationship did not last long.

With so much back and forth between Cash, Trina and Cinco, they ended up getting lost in the village and were subsequently eliminated one by one throughout the season. Cinco was first on the 25th. Cashay then left the village on the 32nd. Just two days before the final, Trina was eliminated on the 38th. However, after the show, Cinco and Cash reconnected and started dating. in real life.

For months Island of love, united states of america Fans have been monitoring Cashay, Cinco, and their relationship. On Friday, January 7, Cash and Cinco shared an Instagram story (screenshot below) of them spending time together in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cashay and Cinco don’t update fans on their relationship as often as others. Love island Couples have done it in the past, but this recent IG post makes it clear that they are still together in January 2022. In the photo, Cashay appears to be in a romantic embrace with Cinco. They are still in a long distance relationship, but there is no denying that Cashay and Cinco are doing their best to see each other regularly.

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In the last few months, Love island Viewers have asked Cash and Cinco if they have plans to move to the same city and maybe even live together. His consistent explanation has been that Cinco owns a business that has a gym in Ashburn, Virginia, while Cashay has many more job opportunities in New York City. As it is, it doesn’t make sense for Cash to abandon so many projects in New York to go live in Virginia. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense for Cinco to leave his own business to go live with Cash in New York. The whole situation is very understandable, but it is still a shame that their relationship was unable to advance to the next level.

Nonetheless, Cash spent Thanksgiving in 2021 with the family of Cinco recently, so they’re clearly making things work. Moving in together is an important thing, but it makes sense why Cash and Cinco don’t feel like they can come anywhere else just yet. Hopefully things will work out between Five and Cash in their post-Island of love, united states of america trip.

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