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Isn’t it copy and paste? Dev explains why using NFTs as swappable skin is almost impossible | Levelup

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This is happening with the rise of the Internet and digital media, in the same way it is happening with NFTs and operations with cryptocurrencies and it is that while these new forms of interaction are in vogue they make the most enthusiastic think that the established order can be sent to the demon to do whatever you want. The fever for NFTs is at a high point and in its relationship with video games, ideas have emerged such as having these tokens as skin and since they have the property to use them in any video game. However, reality is far from it and a dev spoke about it.

Thinking of an interchangeable skin NFT is so complicated that it ends up being a nightmare

Through a Twitter thread, the developer specializing in 3D character modeling, @ xavierck3d, explained the reasons why the idea of ​​having NFTs as interchangeable skins in video games is almost impossible. According to the creative, the problem faced by this proposal is due to 3 extremely important reasons: artistic details, technical section and legal agreements. Each one yields sufficient information, based on the current state of the industry, in terms of development technology, and the legal framework in which everything is carried out.

Initially, the developer pointed out the difficulties in visual and art terms, giving as an example a skin NFT that someone wanted to use in Minecraft and then in Call of Duty. The simple idea of ​​the artistic style, from cubes to realism, involves a great deal of work to be done to adapt it to each game, but in the end the product would end up being an intellectual property different from the original one. In addition to everything that would imply passing a skin from one game to another in visual terms and speaking of achieving a good performance, the creative considers that integrating the validation processes of blockchain technology to the video game servers would saturate them with shape never seen before.

On the other hand, there are the difficulties in terms of the technical section. The idea of ​​having an interchangeable skin NFT supposes the realization of millions of operations at the server level to pass and be able to use this token in different games, but that as long as full compatibility has been guaranteed in each title and platform. As you might expect, this is not a simple copy | paste, but it involves a considerable effort that in terms of the millions of skins that could be, it is overwhelming when you think of it as a workload.

Finally, the creative referred to the legal section, which he defined as a real nightmare in terms of this idea about NFTs because it implies the study and correct application in accordance with copyright protection laws, international laws, commercial laws and the rest. Likewise, it is enough to consider that each video game, even if it is online, responds to specific legal agreements that are limited to its digital space- What would happen if you have an NFT in skin of Spider-Man and is it used in a video game that does not have any kind of agreement with the legal holders of the IP?

Thus, the fever for NFTs requires that things and scope be started to be dimensioned so as not to create a siren song that only leads to disaster.

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