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Grand Theft Auto Online players ask for GTA 4 minigames

Some Grand Theft Auto Online players think that the game should borrow some of the minigames that appeared in Grand Theft Auto 4.

Grand Theft Auto Online It has no shortage of activities for players to participate in, from races to elaborate heists and more. Grand Theft Auto Online Players can spend hundreds of hours on the game and always find something new to do, which is part of the reason why it remains so popular almost a decade after its initial release. However, there is always room for improvement, with some GTA Online players suggesting that the game could take some ideas from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Grand Theft Auto 4 featured a series of minigames for protagonist Niko Bellic to do to pass the time. Niko often participated in these activities with his cousin Roman or during dates, giving GTA 4 Players have something to do besides progress through the main story or search for all of the Liberty City collectibles. While these GTA 4 The minigames weren’t fancy at all, it seems that some GTA Online players want to see them added to the game.

Reddit user ChainedGraboid posted an image on the GTA Online subreddit of the various Grand Theft Auto 4 minigames such as bowling, billiards or air hockey with the message “Rockstar … When?” The post has received a positive response from the community, with over 1,300 upvotes as of this writing.

Adding these Grand Theft Auto 4 minigames for Grand Theft Auto Online it would give players something new to do and offer a different way of interacting with other players. While GTA Online most players kill others on their server, this would allow players to have friendlier competitions. Instead of running around shooting each other, they were able to see who could score higher at bowling or face off in a competitive game of billiards.

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ChainedGraboid suggested that maybe GTA Online it could add a new social area to host these minigames, although it’s unclear if Rockstar will actually implement something like this. Grand Theft Auto Online Updates are still released on a regular basis, and some of them are quite substantial, but at some point one has to imagine that Rockstar will move on to GTA 6 and whatever form your online multiplayer takes.

Grand Theft Auto 6 However, it hasn’t been announced at the time of this writing, and Rockstar is even working to carry GTA Online to new consoles. A next generation port of Grand Theft Auto Online It is scheduled to launch in the coming months, although it is unclear if it will have substantial new content. For now, Grand Theft Auto fans who want to play these mini-games will only have to play again GTA 4.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions in development.

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