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Genshin Impact was the most talked about game on Twitter in 2021, a record year for the social network

We have been in 2022 for ten days but we still have news related to the 2021 that gives the last blows in the news today during the first bars of January.

In this case we are going to share with you the most popular games, events or content creators on Twitter during the past year thanks to statistics provided by the social network itself that indicates that 2021 was a record in terms of conversations about video games, increasing by 14% compared to 2020 generating more than 2.4 billion tweets on an international level.

Starting with the main dish we have the most commented video games on Twitter, a ranking that last year topped Genshin Impact followed by Apex Legends, with Ensemble Stars! completing the podium while a saga as emblematic as Final Fantasy It is in fourth place. Next we leave you with the complete ranking with the 10 most commented video games on Twitter during 2021:

  • 1. Genshin Impact
  • 2. Apex Legends
  • 3. Ensemble Stars!
  • 4. Final Fantasy
  • 5. Fate/Grand Order
  • 6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • 7. Knives Out
  • 8. Minecraft
  • 9. Project Sekai
  • 10. Fortnite

If you look at the events most commented videogames, E3 2021 took the cake followed by the recent The Game Awards, while in third place we have the Xbox Games Showcase and completing the TOP 5 we find the Gamescom 2021 and the Summer Game Fest.

Spanish content creators have triumphed on Twitter in 2021

Within the categories of conversations about gaming we also find several dedicated to content creators with the Spanish present in various tops such as Auronplay as the second most commented creator or Ibai as the one with the most followers gained in 2021. In addition, MixwellA Valorant pro gamer, he has managed to sneak in as the eighth most talked about professional esports gamer.

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