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First images of Armored Core 6, From Software’s next game after Elden Ring

Thanks to the success of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne The Ax, the video game developer From Software has become one of those that creates the greatest expectation when announcing a new work and, therefore, Elden Ring (to arrive in February) has become one of the most anticipated games of this newly released 2022.

However, From Software is a fairly veteran developer who has several very different games and franchises behind her, such as, for example, Armored Core, a saga that debuted in 1997 for PlayStation and of which we do not have new deliveries since 2012, the year in which they are released Armored Core 5 while the development of Dark Souls 2 was being forged.

Armored Core Leak 2

Now, Armored Core vuelve to be in the spotlight thanks to a leak that has occurred over the weekend through a consumer survey in which the details of the new Armored Core 6 appear, which are now added a few images with very aggressive watermarks that have been blurred to keep the leaker of the details of this new installment anonymous and that you can see these screenshots attached to this news.


Armored Core 6

A cruce between Dark Souls y Virtua On

In addition to these images, there are also two 30-second videos that this filter codenamed Red Liquorice has not been able to download. However, thanks to them we can know that The game reminds you of Dark Souls during boss fights while in long distance combat mechanics it reminds you of Virtua On, a saga of mecha by SEGA.

Another interesting detail is the very description that is given of the game, which will be about “a title of mecha third person shooter action that lets you move around a map of overwhelming scale depicting a unique sci-fi world with dynamic wick action. You will face strong enemies and fierce battles both at short and long range using firearms and swords.“.

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