Monday, December 5

Electrician Simulator launches prologue on PC • Console and Dashboard

Electrician Simulator It already has a free prologue on PC, through Steam. It allows us to get closer to this simulator, whose launch is scheduled for this year.


Take IT Studio, Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games will put us in the shoes of a young electrician, in charge of a family business. Among the tasks, we find the repair of sockets or the construction of a complete electrical system.

As indicated by those responsible, detail and realism will be taken care of to the maximum. The lighting will have a fundamental weight, while the gameplay is defined as fun and relaxing. We will have a wide range of skills and with different modalities. Of course, we will make use of a wide variety of tools.

The mission will be to attract both specialists in the field and those who are not familiar with electricity. The launch will not only occur on PC. It will reach computers in 2022. Later (2022 or 2023), it will land in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y Nintendo Switch.

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