Saturday, December 3

Elden Ring: Leaked Character Editor Ahead of February Debut

Elden Ring promises to raise the bar for what we’ve come to know from FromSoftware to date: a richer and wider open world, with a more complex history, enlisting the help of George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire). A detail where we will also notice an obvious improvement will be when designing our own character: we will give life to our hero or heroine, customizing their features as we see fit. From the YouTube channel they have IS SO have shared what appears to be the character editor, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the tools that we will have at our disposal:

Elden Ring, getting ready for adventure

In the video that we have left you on these lines, we can take a look at the improvements that FromSoftware has included in regard to create our own avatar or character. In the comments, users have applauded how the studio has incorporated better models (although the video also shows that we can create real monsters), and more realistic shades for skin and hair.

In this sense, they have applauded that it looks better in general than the editors we find in Dark Souls 3 The Bloodborne. In fact, they even appreciate that the characters have a more human appearance and features, as we say, more realistic. Another important point to note is that it is quite intuitive and easy to use: allows us to personalize from head to body, adapting each feature as we like best.

A more realistic, intuitive and easy-to-use character editor

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“At last we can create an attractive character more easily”, we can read in the description of the video. And although he points it out with a certain irony (after all, in the clip we can see how he creates highly exaggerated characters), the truth is that it shows that the possibilities are there and that we can spend a good time creating our hero or heroine of our own. dreams.

As we say, we can test all this in greater depth February 25, when Elden Ring go to market. Be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. “An ambitious and gigantic role-playing adventure in the open world that has already fallen in love with us,” we wrote in our impressions.

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