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Doctor Strange fused with Alakazam? An incredible painting made it happen | Levelup

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The MCU has become a true phenomenon that very few can match. But if there is a franchise that could be compared to it, that would undoubtedly be Pokémon. Because of this, a fan of the 2 worlds decided to unite them and show us a fusion of Doctor Strange and Alakazam, the psychic type Pokémon.

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The Nintendo saga has received different fanmade crossovers since its inception, and each one of them surprised us by showing the enormous talent that fans of Pokémon they had so well kept.

A good example of this is an impressive fanart that Reddit user jaibrooklyn created, where he showed off his skills with an Alakazam dressed as the MCU version of Doctor Strange.

Here you can see it:

This is the creation of the fan of Pokémon and Marvel

As you can see, the hard work of the users is enough to impress the entire subreddit of Pokémon with its spectacular combination of characters, where we can see this version of Alakazam floating in the air and about to cast a spell on a rival.

It is worth mentioning that the user invites all his followers to give him more suggestions for a new creation, and different ideas have already been heard where they ask him to make a Machamp like Hulk, a Caterpie like Spider-Man and even a Ditto like Loki.

What suggestion would you make to the talented fan? Tell us in the comments.

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