Friday, November 25

BMW created a 31-inch 8K display for their cars and it looks amazing

BMW’s 8K screen is basically an Amazon Fire TV in disguise and it’s streaming over 5G. For added convenience, controls have been added to the door handles.

BMW plans to install luxury cars with a massive 31-inch 8K screen that mounts to the roof and lowers when needed to deliver a wide-viewing experience, all while testing access to the Fire TV platform over 5G. The idea is not new, but the scale of the intent here is what sets it apart. While cars and their fascination with giant screens is not a new trend, it has really taken off in recent years.

Last year, Byton revealed an electric car with a giant 48-inch screen on the dash. The Mercedes Benz EQS will arrive with what the company calls the Hyperscreen, which is essentially a gigantic 56-inch touchscreen that represents the company’s second-generation MBUX infotainment system. As good as it sounds, they also carry the risk of distracting the driver, an issue that was recently raised with Tesla’s in-car display features and implementation.

The idea of ​​BMW is Theater screen, a 31-inch super-wide TV that delivers astonishing 8K resolution for truly luxurious in-car entertainment. The widescreen panel offers a 32: 9 aspect ratio, putting the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3’s strangely wide 21:10 screen to shame. BMW says its in-car 8K passenger TV turns the vehicle into a movie theater. on wheels. Additionally, the television is connected to a Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system for immersive multimedia consumption on the go. The widescreen display will be installed on the ceiling, and when summoned, it will be lowered to provide the perfect viewing angle. To help set the mood even more, all of this happens while the surrounding lights are dimmed.

Nothing screams luxury more than 8K

The screen also comes with smart TV features, with intelligence provided by Amazon. The German automaker partnered with Amazon to add the Fire TV experience to its giant 8K screen. With Fire TV in play, those who sit in the passenger seats will be able to watch content in different applications, stream music and much more. One might question the merits of an 8K screen considering there is hardly any 8K content to take advantage of at the moment, but if it comes as a consolation, the Fire TV integration will at least boost 4K content. BMW says a version for China comes with a local transmission alternative.

For those concerned with scaling on an oddly wide 32: 9 screen, there is a zoom feature that will make adjustments to display content in a more traditional 16: 9 or 21: 9 format. There is also the ability to adjust the tilt to offer the most comfortable viewing experience. In addition to the usual set of controls on the main dash console, BMW will also equip the door handles with an integrated control panel so that passengers won’t have to reach out in their quest to make volume or angle adjustments. Of course, 5G will be part of the luxurious BMW brand vehicle to ensure that the transmission never stalls. Of the company BMW iX already offers the advantage of cellular connectivity, and will soon be coming to more affordable models like the i4 series.

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