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Battlefield 2042 removed one of the community’s favorite game modes | Levelup

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Battlefield 2042 it was far from being the game we wanted. While it may be fun in some instances, it is undeniable that to this day it has many technical and, more importantly, philosophy problems. As the developers work on new content and multiple improvements, the community is upset by the absence of a classic game mode.

What happens is that DICE removed the Rush game mode, known in Spanish as Asalto, from the featured playlist of the Portal mode Battlefield 2042. Instead, players can now access massive free-for-all matches, which will also be available for a limited time.

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Like many current titles, Battlefield 2042 has a featured list that changes regularly to keep the title fresh. However, the Rush game mode is a mainstay of the franchise, appearing in most of the previous installments. For the same reason, his absence feels strange.

The decision to eliminate the modality caused the disappointment and anger of the users. Many players took to social networks and forums to claim that this situation exhibits one of the biggest problems of the title: that the developers do not listen to the community.

Rush is still playable in Battlefield 2042, but players aren’t happy

The community, however, is not totally helpless. Those users who wish to play Rush in Battlefield 2042 can still do so, although there is a very significant restriction.

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Specifically, players can play the game on custom Battlefield Portal servers. The bad new? Progression is limited in this section thanks to the multiple lobbies that were used to farm XP and that became very popular during the launch of the war shooter.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can read more about this title by clicking here.

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