Wednesday, October 5

Arcadia Fallen, available on Switch • Console and Dashboard

Arcadia Fallen It is available now on Nintendo Switch. Galdra Studios are responsible for this game which they call a modern fantasy novel, in which we will have to make decisions. They will be the ones who create the path for our protagonist, a young apprentice alchemist.


In this title, we put ourselves in the shoes of an apprentice alchemist. So far normal, if not because it is possessed by a cursed spirit. Saving the world from within a war between humanity and magic is what Galdra Studios propose to us.

We will have to hone the character’s skills as we progress through the story. Solving crises and helping others are options that we will have before us. With our decisions, we not only create the way forward, but we also shape the personality of our alchemist.

Inspired by Nordic culture and empowering us to personalize the protagonist to our liking, the sensations it produces can be varied. It is not for less, since its managers emphasize that it has caused laughter and also tears among the players. As a curiosity, it has four and a half hours of dialogue by recognized voices in the world of video games such as Sarah-Nicole Robles and Sean Chiplock.

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