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7 hated anime characters who deserve a second chance

Many anime characters receive more hatred than they deserve. These have redeeming qualities that fans may overlook.

Among all the favorite anime characters and characters that the masses seem to be divided into, from time to time, there are those characters who seem to get all the hate. Whether it’s because of their design, voice, morals, personality, or lack of talent or charisma, fans always seem to find fault with them no matter what.

While some of these characters may be irredeemable or just too obnoxious, there are some characters who were thrown in with the bad apples too hastily. Here are some notable characters who seem to be hated for their fandoms, but they may not really deserve what they get.

Disclaimer: Spoilers below!

7 Zenitsu Agatsuma – Demon Slayer

There are a few reasons why Murderer of demons Fans may not be very fond of Zenitsu. He’s a bit of a crybaby (maybe more than “a little”), he’s crazy about girls, he’s loud, cowardly, and quite unpleasant at times. Zenitsu may have its fair share of flaws, but that doesn’t mean it went too far. It may take a bit of research, but Zentisu has its redeeming qualities.

He may be a bit of a coward at times, but his loyalty to his friends blocks out that sense of fear he has when danger arises. Even when Inosuke tried to beat him to pulp to get to the box Nezuko was hiding in, Zentisu stood his ground, simply because he knew that the box meant a lot to his good friend, Tanjiro. In addition to his hidden sense of loyalty, Zentisu makes up for his cowardice with his unique fighting style of unconscious combat. Perhaps someday Zenitsu will finally feel confident in himself and his abilities on the battlefield.

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6 Sakura Haruno – Naruto

Poor Sakura has been the butt of endless jokes and memes all over the world. Naruto fandom; even some anime fans who have not even seen the series are aware of its unpopularity. Sure, Sakura maybe didn’t do her best at the beginning of the series, but she eventually unleashed her true potential (regardless of the fact that it took literally hundreds of episodes to get to that point).

Sakura was a girl who received a lot of hatred, simply because she excelled at something that was not combat oriented. How smart he is and how often he acted as the brain of the iconic trio is often forgotten. It is important to remember that Sakura was only about twelve years old when the series began. To be fair, she handled the pressure from the school, the threat from Orochimaru, and her unrequited love for Sasuke, as well as anyone else could.

5 Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Sometimes the sci-fi and fantasy elements of anime can lead audiences into a world that overlooks much more mundane details. Shinji is quite infamous for being a nasty lead, but it’s a bit uncertain if he deserved all the hate he received.

Along the Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji had his fair share of mistakes and moments where he was difficult to understand or totally disgusting. But it’s important to remember that Shinji was only fourteen when he was pushed into a position of power. Allowing someone to be in charge of millions of lives at such a young age is incredibly heartbreaking; Not to mention the trauma of her upbringing as well. Shinji may be obnoxious, but his age and the dire circumstances of being abused and exploited should grant him some leniency with the public.

4 Kazutora Hanemiya – Avengers of Tokyo

In the first season of Tokyo avengers, Kazutora didn’t exactly make a good impression on fans. In fact, he takes on the role of antagonist for most of the first season. However, it is not all bad; after all, he was one of the original founding members of Toman.

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Kazutora clearly had trouble with misdirected anger and had a tendency to panic in difficult situations, ultimately leading him to blame others. However, at the end of the ordeal with Baji and Valhalla, Kazutora finally has his well-deserved moment of clarity and understands that he was responsible for the events that had unfolded. When he finally admitted he was to blame, it was a ray of hope that his character would grow and develop in future seasons. Hopefully, Kazutora can prove that Baji’s sacrifice was not wasted.

3 Effort (Enji Todoroki) – My Hero Academia

No My hero academia Fans who have a burning hatred (no pun intended) for Endeavor are definitely justified in their opinion, as he has been guilty of troublesome and abusive behavior. The way he treated his family in the past is definitely cause for being labeled an antihero rather than the number one he really is. But in the dark, there is a ray of hope.

What gives the Endeavor ride the gravity it has is how realistic and unromantic it is. His family members still do not forgive him, the general public does not recognize him as the number one hero. However, he makes an effort to change his ways. Although you have done horrible things in the past, you now understand your wrongdoings and want to make amends for your mistakes, a step that many people never reach. Endeavor deserves to be recognized as the person it is trying to become. Although he shouldn’t erase his past, fans should recognize him as a person on the road to redemption.

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2 Hayase Nagatoro – Don’t play with me, Miss Nagatoro / Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

Anime fans who have heard about the infamous Miss Nagatoro have been quite divided over her character. Many outsiders watching may see a terrible bully who simply wishes to torment his Senpai to his heart’s content, and for the first few episodes, it’s true.

However, after doing some research, Nagatoro starts to warm up and very slowly shows his true colors (and feelings) about Senpai. At heart, Nagatoro is a young woman who doesn’t know exactly how to deal with her feelings and (unfortunately) chooses to show her affection in rather strange ways. The series starts and he hates his bullying, but stick around for the rest and it will be easy to see that Nagatoro really cares about his Senpai and enjoys his time with him.

1 Boruto Uzumaki – Boruto

For many original fans of the original. Naruto series, no one could live up to Naruto’s legacy. It’s hard to be next in line after such a prolific series. Boruto was almost doomed from the start; not for any specific details about its character, its design, or even its strength. It was simply because of the legacy that came before him that made fans hesitate to like him from day one.

Many fans were already against the poor boy from the moment the series was announced. Boruto has nothing fundamentally wrong with him, it’s the nostalgia glasses that OG fans have that make him appear pale in comparison to his father. It’s important for fans to remember that Naruto’s youthful days were filled with so many setbacks and that young Boruto deserves a second chance as well.

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