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What is Wordle, the viral Twitter game that everyone is playing? | Levelup

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If you’ve browsed Twitter at some point in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen some of your contacts post tweets full of squares and numbers. It surely made you feel confused, especially when you noticed that more and more people started making similar posts.

After so many days without knowing what these squares mean, the point has surely arrived where you are afraid to ask. Luckily, at LEVEL UP we are here to inform you and understand what the hell is happening with all those publications so that you stay cool and even join in the fun.

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The first thing you need to know is that these boxed messages on Twitter are not secret messages from a conspiracy theory or anything like that. As strange as it may seem, it is a video game called Wordle, which turned out to be the first viral hit of all of 2022.

Wordle is a free browser game that can be enjoyed from a computer or on a cell phone with iOS or Android. This is a relatively simple word game that can be seen as a reinterpretation of Hang Men, a traditional word game.

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So your mission in Wordle will be guessing words. Each day, players have the opportunity to participate in which their mission will be to take 6 turns to try to guess a 5-letter word in English.

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Each attempt will inform you how close you are to guessing the word. For example, if you hit letters that are part of the word, but are in the wrong place, then their boxes will turn yellow. In case the letter is in the correct position, then they will turn green.

With this, Wordle It becomes a riddle that little by little gives you clues to find the correct word. An important point is that you can only enter words that are part of its database, so do not expect to put random letters to try to guess their place and from there build the correct word.

It is worth mentioning that Wordle it is designed to offer one game per day. This since its creator does not want to keep you hooked all day. He just wants you to have a good time and then come back the next day.

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This is a game of es Wordle

Now you know what it is Wordle But what the hell does all this have to do with the green and yellow squares on Twitter? The answer is simple.

As we mentioned before, Wordle use green and yellow squares to inform you if a letter of the word of the day is correct or if it is the correct one, but it is in the wrong position. So these boxed tweets are just people sharing their performance in each game of Wordle.

As you can imagine, the number that appears in the tweet represents the number of tries it took you to find the word. Then the squares represent each of your attempts. Mystery solved!

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This is a result of <em> Wordle </em> on Twitter”/><figcaption>This is what a result of <em>Wordle</em> and Twitter</figcaption></figure>
<p>Now that this is clear, now it only remains to tell you how to play <em>Wordle</em>.  As we already told you, it is a completely free game, without ads and that you can enjoy on iOS, Android and computer</p>
<p>To play <em>Wordle</em> all you have to do is click here and follow the instructions on the screen.  Keep in mind that, for the moment, <em>Wordle</em> It’s only available in English.  We’ll see if a Spanish version ever arrives.</p>
<p>And you, are you already playing <em>Wordle</em>?  What do you think about this game?  Do you think it will last long as a viral sensation?  Tell us in the comments.</p>
<p>Follow this link to see all our coverage of<em> Wordle</em>.</p>
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