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The director of Days Gone abounds in the reasons for the cancellation of Days Gone 2

During the last days Days Gone has once again plagued the headlines following several messages on Twitter from the old Game Director at Bend Studio, Jeff Ross, and a video by David Jaffe (creator of Twisted Metal) featuring Ross and John Garvin, creative director of the open-world adventure. In that talk, as they stand out from ComicBook, revealed one of the reasons why Days Gone 2 was rejected: the Shawn Layden’s Sony March.

Shawn Layden was the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and SIE Worldwide Studios until their departure in 2019. According to Ross, the leader was also one of the defenders Of the first Days Gone despite the mixed reviews it received from critics and players. Without Layden on the team, getting Sony to approve the development of a sequel was an impossible task.

“It was quite obvious that we should not talk about Days Gone while we were working on the presentation and producing it. It was clear that it was impossible, “said Ross in the chat with Jaffe.” And there was nothing in the presentation that he did to the local manager. [de Bend Studio] and his boss be optimistic about him. Probably it was a failure of the creative team, but it was a tough battle all the time, “concludes the game director.

Another piece of news also came out of the same talk: in the face of the rejection of Days Gone 2, the creative team at Bend Studio suggested making an open world game of Resistance: Fall of Man, the saga of shooters created during the PlayStation 3 generation by Insomniac Games (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank). They even raised a reboot of the series Syphon Filter, although no progress was made.

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Days Gone has sold more than 9 million copies

Back to Days Gone, earlier this week Ross revealed that he had sold more than eight million copies on PS4 before leaving the studio at the end of 2020, to which must be added at least an additional million after the premiere of its version for Steam in the middle of last year. Bend Studio hasn’t officially announced its next project, but job postings suggest it’s a new open-world, multiplayer IP.

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