Friday, November 25

Pupperazzi, photography and dogs on PC and Xbox • Console and Dashboard

January 20, Pupperazzi will be added to the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S catalogs. This is a Sundae Month and Kitfox Games title that will put our love for puppies to the test.


This colorful proposal invites the dogs to take photos. The best (or the most fun) will help us build our own career. Making a name for yourself in the industry will mean updating your camera and meeting new dogs.

Through a first-person action, we will interact with all kinds of canines, participating in their activities. We will run and jump with those we meet. We will have the option of dressing them and even organizing dances with them. Among the possibilities, we can also frighten them …

The zoom will be our great ally, but also slow motion and filters. We will soon discover how the world is entirely inhabited by dogs, from the lighthouse to the city. Humans are rumored to exist, though it matters little. Our efforts will also focus on sharing the best snapshots with the community. Perhaps we will seek stardom through social media or be seriously recognized as artists.

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