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Novak Djokovic case, live: Australian courts, about to rule

Hthe time has come for the Australian courts to rule on the ‘Djokovic Case’. From 23:00 on Sunday in Spain, a resolution is expected that could be delayed for a few hours. The Serbian tennis player is waiting for permission to stay in Australia and thus be able to defend the title.


23.40 ‘Nole’ is not only in the hands of the courts

In a document published by the Federal Court, lawyers for the Australian Department of the Interior leave the Door open for the government to cancel Djokovic’s visa a second time, even if the court annuls the initial decision. “An immediate release order does not prevent redemption if there is power to arrest,” the document reads. The Australian Home Secretary “may use any power available under the Migration Act to cancel the visa again.”

In the world’s number one claim submitted by his lawyers, it is stated that the decision of the Department of the Interior to refuse his entry to Australia was “seriously illogical, irrational or legally unreasonable”.

23.13 Boris Becker believes that Djokovic should be vaccinated

Former German tennis player Boris Becker, who should join Djokovic, assured that this “cannot continue like this”, in statements to Bild. “If you want to continue your career, I highly recommend that you get vaccinated. Do you want this discussion before each tournament? In any case, it can’t go on like this. “

Djokovic y Becker.

22.47 Australia claims that no guarantees were given to enter the country

The attorneys of the Australian Department of the Interior have insisted that Novak Djokovic you were never given any guarantees that your medical exemption would allow you to enter the country. While it was also confirmed that the world’s number one is not vaccinated, the Australian government legal team has said ahead of the appeal hearing that there is no valid reason for ‘Nole’ to have access to Australia for the tournament that begins on April 1. January 17.

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Commonwealth lawyers further claim that Djokovic relied on outdated vaccination rules to support its exemption. A document published by the Federal Court rejects claims that he was not given legal advice during his interview at Melbourne airport.

As est el caso Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is being held in The Park Hotel en Melbourne. There, the world’s number one lawyers will use a strategy that they will try to strike on two fronts, after denying him entry into Australia.

On the one hand, they will try to argue that a series of “jurisdictional errors”; on the other, the tennis player’s legal team argue that ‘Nole’ tested positive for covid-19 on December 16, hence it does not require to be vaccinated.

Positive on December 16

It has been known that Djokovic claimed to have received a medical exemption to enter Australia after being infected with covid-19 last December, as pointed out by his lawyers through a court document. “The date of the first positive PCR test for covid was recorded on December 16, 2021,” the letter states.

Medical exemption

By giving this positive, according to the representatives of the Serbian tennis player, Tennis Australia, and even the state of Victoria, Just 14 days later they would have provided their client with the much desired medical exemption to play the Australian Open. “Mr Djokovic received, on December 30, 2021, a letter from the Tennis Australia Medical Director stating that he had been provided with a ‘medical exemption of the covid vaccination ‘because he had recently recovered from covid, “explains the defense document of the 20 Grand Slam winner.

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I didn’t act like a ‘positive’

The issue of the positive quickly led to a review of the chronology of Djokovic’s experiences in those days. On December 14 he was witnessing the basketball game between Barcelona and Red Star. Several players from that duel tested positive in subsequent days, including Nigel Hayes on December 16, with whom precisely Novak was photographed.

The letter from the lawyers of the world’s number one tennis player states that “the date of the first positive PCR test for covid was recorded on December 16, 2021.” Just the next day to carry out this PCR, Djokovic posted on social networks some images, without mask, in the act of presentation of the stamp by the Serbian postal service. The same day 17, ‘Nole’ was present at the awards ceremony to the best tennis players of 2021 chosen by the Belgrade Tennis Association. In the photos he could be seen at the Novak Tennis Center in Dorcol, surrounded by children and without a mask.

The other goes

Another avenue that Djokovic’s lawyers will exploit, in any case, is that they will argue that correct procedures were not followed to revoke the State of Victoria approved Tennis Australia medical exemption. It will also be argued that the player was not adequately informed about the decision to cancel your visa and it will be questioned whether you were given the correct legal opportunity to defend yourself.

Recall that the medical exemption certificate Djokovic was supposed to be traveling with was awarded by two independent medical panels, one under the aegis of Tennis Australia, who directs the Open, and another under that of the state of Victoria, that is, a jurisdictional authority of considerable depth.

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