Wednesday, December 7

Nobody Saves The World, ready this January • Console and Dashboard

Nobody Saves The World It was scheduled for launch in early 2022. Said and done. Drinkbox Studios (Guacamelee!) will launch its game on January 18. The announced platforms remain: PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.


This proposal will take us to a fantasy world, in the skin of someone without a face. It will not last long, since our protagonist may be a slug, a rat, a robot, a dragon or a ghost, among other options.

Combining the action with the essence of the role, we will complete missions by combining skills. We will explore a huge world, either alone or cooperatively, with a friend. The dungeons through which we will move will change as we go, becoming more complicated as we progress.

We will help some peculiar inhabitants with their assignments. The end goal is defeat The Calamity and save the world, following the name of the adventure. If it seems easy to us, we can always put ourselves to the test in its Game + mode, fighting against more powerful enemies. The announcement of your date is completed with a new video.

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