Friday, November 25

Nintendo Switch sales have already reportedly surpassed that of Wii

Nintendo Switch he has outperformed Wii sales throughout the life of the motion-focused console, according to unofficial estimates released by VGChartz and disseminated by ComicBook. The hybrid console sold, according to these figures, 1.16 million units worldwide in the week ending December 25, reaching the 101.88 million units and surpassing the 101.63 million Wii distributed before its production ceased in 2013.

Nintendo Switch was launched in major markets on March 3, 2017, so in five years he has surpassed, always according to the sales estimate of the aforementioned medium, the sales that Wii achieved for eight years. The Hybrid becomes the sixth best-selling console in history, preceded by PlayStation (102.49 million), PlayStation 4 (116.80 million so far) and Game Boy (118.69 million). Further away are Nintendo DS (154.02 million) and PlayStation 2 (approximately 155 million).

However, it should be noted that these figures are not official, although those will be known in the next Nintendo financial report. The last one, published in November, revealed that the Nintendo Switch had sold 92.87 million as of September 30 from 2021, when OLED model had not yet been released, which for a few weeks further increased the sales of the hybrid console.

It has more than two million units in Spain

The information of VGChartz also separates the Switch sales by territories. In the United States it has reached 34.74 million, in Europe the 26.90 million and in Japan 22.98 million. Separating by countries of the Old Continent, in France there are over 6.68 million, in Germany 5.44 million and in the United Kingdom 5.14 million. According to official data from GfK and Nintendo, in Spain the console exceeded two million on October 24, thus becoming the best-selling machine in the country for three years in a row.

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