Sunday, December 4

Manresazo at the Palau

El BAXI Manresa took much more than a match at the Palau. Gave a whole Manresazo, I achieved an itchy victory on a court where only the bravest win. Following a forced extension by Sylvain Francisco over the horn in regular time, Pedro Martnez’s team won the last quarter, 9-10, to take the game, 95-96, and dream of getting into the Granada Cup.

The Baxi Manresa, who imposed a frenetic pace throughout the game, managed to counteract Bara’s inner game, who had not played in the ACB for almost a month, with a supernatural effort of Moneke (18 points and 13 rebounds) and Bako (14 points and six rebounds). A partial of 27-8 sent the duel to rest with Barça, 44-37.

The advantage of the Jasikevicius grew to 10 points, 47-37, while James Nnaji He starred in an amazing debut in the ACB: At 17 he achieved 10 points, 5 rebounds and 5 blocks, beating, with a 19 rating, the Bara record held by Navarro in a player under 18 years of age.

Manresa managed to balance the score in the third quarter, and the last period gave way to an insane extension after Francisco’s miraculous final basket. In overtime, the Only I lived supported by the success of Mirotic I finished with 20 points, 11 of them in the fourth act and four in the added one. The BAXI missed several free throws, especially Moneke, who compromised their triumph.

Less than a minute away, Mirotic made it 94-93 with a 3-pointer that later increased to 95-93 with a free kick. But the second failed and that doomed Bara in the end. Thomasson He was the villain and hero of Manresa. Villain because he committed an absurd offensive foul at 45 seconds that could sentence the game for the home team. And a hero because 20 seconds later he achieved the triple winner for his team … and they were his first points of the match. Two seconds away Nigel Hayes missed the final triple and Manresa exploded for the enormous victory they had obtained.

Technical data:

95 – Only (17 + 27 + 15 + 27 + 9): Laprovittola (2), Kuric (8), Hayes-Davis (17), Mirotic (20), Nnaji (10) -initial team-, Sanli (16), Smits (2), Higgins (2), Jokubaitis (15) and Ubal (3).

96-Baxi Manresa (25+12+23+26+10): Dani Prez (2), Thomasson (3), Valtonen (8), Moneke (18), Bako (14) -starting team-, Francisco (25), Dani Garca (7), Rafa Martnez (-), Vaulet (2 ), Maye (12) and Sima (5).

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